Jamia Millia Malir



After the partition of India some workers and old students of “Jamia Millia Delhi” migrated to Pakistan. The group wanted to continue their experience of working in the field of education in the new country. They had the pioneering effort of Jamia Millia Delhi behind them and they had intense desire to replicate and promote the Jamia Millia educational experiment in Pakistan. Their longing culminated in setting up of an educational society with the nomenclature “Majlis Taleem-e-Milli Pakistan” in 1948.Under the auspices of the Majlis an institution commenced its educational journey in Malir, a suburb of Karachi in 1952.The work began in a small and incomplete building, originally used as a “Grukul Path Shala” and now abandoned and allotted to Majlis as evacuee property. To run the new institution properly, some agricultural land was also allocated by the Auqaf to this institution .latter on in addition to the allocated land  Majlis purchased enough land on its own to bring the total area to a sizeable campus of 27 acres. In this Karachi outskirt, Majlis Taleem-e-Milli started its educational mission  under the leadership of Dr.Mahmood Hussian, the old student of Jamia Milla Delhi and former education minister Pakistan,

The beginning was made with the Jamia Millia Primary School on 29th October 1952, adhering to the following objectives:

Aims and Objectives of the Institution:

  1.  Personality development of children as good Muslims and good Pakistani  with  the  holistic orientation of a balanced personality.
  2.  Character development and cultivation of health, social and moral values.
  3.  Inculcation of a national outlook motivated by democratic values and community service      .

The educational work progressed rapidly due to the devoted and committed services of the workers and in a span of two decades the campus was transformed to a complex of eight full-fledged educational institution as detailed here under 


We can still overcome the hurdles in the way of the Pakistani nation but the challenge is daunting and will need a lot of courage and effort. There will be trial and tribulation in the way demanding sacrifices. Nervousness or defeatism will not do. We must be prepared to counter the storms heading in our direction.

 This is not the time to fan disaffection and regional prejudices or cause a widening of class conflicts which can only work to undermine Pakistan’s stability. We must learn a lesson from the recent tragic circumstances .Doubts have started creeping about the creation and the essential rationale of the country but this can never be true.

The recent events do not prove that Pakistan had a weak or faulty foundation.  The present political calamity at best proved that our leadership was unbecoming and unworthy to steer a great country like Pakistan .Only a failure of leadership and nothing more can be concluded from the recent tragedy.

Jamila Millia`s Efforts:

  • Primary School
  • Boys Pilot Secondary School
  • Girls Secondary School
  • Full fledged degree collage with arts, science and commerce departments.
  • Except the girl’s school all these institutions were residential and had hostels attached to them.
  • Institute of technology
  • Institute of education which not only conducted PTC, CT and B.Ed courses of studies but also published an educational journal and held annual seminars on education at national level.
  • Jamia Millia started a publishing programm under the name” Maktaba Jamia millia” which published about 100 books and booklets on education and adult literacy.
  • A children’smagzine “sitara” with Mr. Abdul Wahid Sindhi as editor.
  • A central library for teachers of all Jamia’Institutions and college students.
  • Mosque                         Staff quarters                         Staff  club
  • Cafeteria,                      Clinic                                     Swimming pool.
  • The Majlis also took active interest in community development projects and in
  • Cooperation with FAO and APWA launched such projects as an adult literacy centre, An indu In 1970, Jamia Millia Social Welfare Society was formed and registered in order to systematically organize the social welfare programme, strial home and a model poultry and agriculture farm. 
  • In 1970, Jamia Millia Social Welfare Society was formed and registered in order to systematically organize the social welfare programme.

 Jamia Millia developed itself as an academic community and a center of Educational, social and cultural activities and steadily gained reputation as a high Class well known institution. Though the fees charged were low, there was never a compromise on educational standards and Jamia Millia steadily gained a name in quality education. Students of the institution achieved higher ranks not only in Board and University examinations but in practical life also they were never behind others , Specially,  in their zest for field work and community services.


After the nationalization, it seemed that the progress not only slowed down but even suffered a several and Jamia Millia institutions were unable to maintain their former prestige .Today the campus bears a fortorn and desolate look .Majlis, Taleem-e-Milli, the parent body of this institute, painfully tried to draw the attention of the government towards the problem, but these efforts did not bear fruit. The Majlis also tried a phase- wise denationalization of the complex beginning with the denationalization of the primary school, but one or the other official hardles made it an impossible task. Till today, our ongoing effort in the direction is with out a tangible result.


Under difficult circumstances , but with a will not to the initiative go out from hands, Majlis made a modest effort and started Jamia Millia Model School in 2005.The plan is to eventually transform the school into an “Inclusive school”, which can cater to the needs of a diversity of children including the  disabled children in the community.

The major difficulty in the way is the scarcity of space for the school is lodged in the rooms formerly used as “Majlis office” but highly unsuitable for the purpose of school .Effort is underway with the government to get back the possession of old “jamia Millia Primary School building” now vacated by the government.

  • In the beginning, our Focus of concentration will be,
  •  Getting the school denationalized .
  • Converting the village into a” model university” as it bears Land consisting of 27acres.

 Our school will be somewhat different from the other school as our nation’s” general children” and” handicapped children” will get education to gether. Dr Ismail saad is keenly interested in the new orientation of the school which will be named as “Jamia Millia Inclusive School.” He has been requested to propose a plan for bringing about the transformation.


Jamia Millia’s motto has been “good education for the common man.” Keeping our tradition in view, it has been decided to impart good and quality education with fees within the reach of parents. Presently, only a small fee is being charged form the students.

Appointment of Committed Teachers:

In the light of jamia tradition, only competent and committed teachers have been selected to work as a team.

School Activities and Teaching:

  1.  Assembly: Children and teachers assemble in the morning. Students give their presentation and teachers give a morning talk.
  2.  Projects:    On different days like Independence Day. Defense day, and Iqbal Day, get together parties are held in which students perform different tasks.
  3. Educational Trips: Education trips are arranged from time to time.
  4.  Zohar prayer: Zohar prayer is offered with Jamaat.
  5.  Wall Magazine: It’ is a children’s news paper.
  6. Mathematic, English and science are taught in English and for the rest in national language is used.
  7. Number of students: Presently in 2009, 200 boys and girls students are enrolled.
  8. Effort is underway to enrich the curriculum to include IT and environmental context.


 All cash donations are deposit in the bank. Accounts are audited by a chartered accountant regularly on annual bases.

 Use of Zakat:

On the one hand student come form well to do families while on the other some very poor students come to get education in this school. The institute provides books, uniforms, fee and other expenses form Zakat money and similar donations.  

List of sympathizers who have made contribution for the development of this institution from time to time. 

S.No            NAME Approx.Amount                   Work done




Professor Abdul Rashid Siddiqui 35,000 Wall magazine, Wazu Khana, Elect.Work, binding of publications, paints, etc. 
2. Hafiz Waheeduddeen 20,000 Construction of Wazu Khana,Mats for prayers.
3. Mr. Owais Jamia 15,500 Progress Reports, Fees Cards,Reciptbooks,Marble for Wazu Khana.
4. Dr.Ismail Saad 1,000 Prizes for students on defense day.
5. Professor Irshad Ahmad Khan 1,000 Milk packs for students on defese day.
6. Ms. Mutahira Mohammad (Abu Dhabi) 20,000 Water Cooler.
7. Professor Abdur Rasheed Siddiqui 21,000 Fees, Uniform for needy Students and total electrical work. 
8. Ms. Shahnaz Ahad 17,000 Charts, Stationery and benches for Class room.
9. Professor Abdur Rasheed 10,000 Repair of two rooms near office.
10. Ms.Yasmeen 500 Books and Uniforms
11. Mr. .Farooq 500 Meeting expence
12. Mr. Ghulam Qadir 200 -do-
13. Ms.Sabria Khalid(Abu Dhabi) 5,000 Fees, Books for needy students.
14. Mr. Ejaz (Saudi Arabia) 11,000 Dual desks
15. Ns. Humaira Ubaid(Abu Dhabi) 5,000 Books, Uniforms for needy students 

It Many be noted that a few years back Mr. Mohammad Nasim Shafi, ex-student and vice president, Majlis Taleem-e-Milli donated Rs.150000/-which were spent on the repair and maintenance of Jamia Millia Boys pilot Secondary School. His kind donation averted demolition of the building of the Secondary school.    

The valuable patrons of this institution very kindly participated in the devolvement of this institution. The brief detail are shown blow.

S.No. Name of the Donor Amount Cheque or Cash
1. Mr. Mohammad Nasim Shafi    100,000/- Annually
2. Dr. Ismail Saad  10,00,000/- Cheques
3. Ms. Shahnaz Ahad      10,000/- Cash
4. Mr. Sibghatullah        5,000/- Cheque
5. Mr. Safdar jameel (America)       40,000/- Cheque
6. Mr. Ejaz/ Mr. Asadur Rahman and  other friends      30,000/- Cheque
7. Dr. Ismail Saad       10,000/- Cash for bath room no.2and 3.
8. Dr. Ismail Saad      34,000/- Help for needy students 


                        Office furniture & Equipment donated by Dr. Ismail Saad.

S.No.                                  Name Qty.
1.                      Almirah (Steel for filing ) 1
2.                      Chairs 3
3.                      Chairs Sofa 5
4.                      Computer Set 1
5.                      Gas Cylinder 1
6.                      OPHS 1
7.                      Pigeon Shelf 1
8.                      Office Table 1
9.                      Water Dispenser 1
10.                      White Board with Stand 1
11.                      White Boards 2


Land for New Institutions;-

Majlis owns two plots which were purchased by the Majlis Independently after nationalization of the educational institutions:

One near Salman garden                                    3 acres.

Other opposite to primary School                4 acres.

Information Technology Institute(C.C.M.I.T Center )

  Out of Seven acres of land, one acre, an information Technology institute is functioning on with the Collaboration of COMSAT, COMSTECH and MTM .the purpose of these plots was to continue the community welfare and educational activities of Jamia Millia by Majlis.

 COMSAT and COMSTECH, both donated Rs. 2000000 each while Majlis Taleem-e- Milli (MTM) earmarked one acre of plot for establishing the IT institute.

  • Preston: Temporarily, under an arrangement the management of this institute has been handed over to Preston Institute.
  1. MULTI PURPOSE BUILDING: The remaining 3 acres (approx.) opposite of primary school is still lying vacant: on the west side of this plot. Majlis has a program to built a multi-purpose building, which will house:

I. School                               ii. Community Center   iii. Conference Hall

   iv. Research library.              V. Research Room.    

  1. Renovation of the secretariat of Majlis.3. Montessori program.

4. Children’s zoo.                                       5.  Gymnasium.

6. Science lab.                                           7.   Extension of present computer lab.

8. Hardware Training.                                9.   Social studies room.

10. Expansion of children’s library          11.  Teaching aids of special education.

12. Professional training of wood work, metal work and electric work.


                Needless to say, over sources are limited presently, and Majlis must count on the well-wishers and sympathizers to raise funds. With this support the Majlis is optimistic that the work of Jamia Millia will surely move forward.  In order to achieve our goals, we will definitely receive the assistance of our friends, students, intellectuals and well-to-do citizens. We would like to draw your attention that this is a good work and this good work should continue.

               We would like to assure you that your financial assistance in this noble cause will spent  for the same purpose for which it has been donated .



  1. well, i ll see how the business go

    Comment by saifahmedkhan — June 18, 2009 @ 8:25 am | Reply

  2. AOA,
    I am a Jamai. I am very surprised to know that my research teacher Dr. Ismail Saad Is taking a great interest in developing Jamia Millia Model School. It will be a great honour for me to help in this cause in any way.
    Best wishes.
    Seema Zahid

    Comment by Seema Zahid — April 21, 2010 @ 11:26 am | Reply

    • well seema its good to know u as our companion , seema please keep commenting and posting about anything u know aboout Jamia and activities held under the flag.
      it will really help we people get connected and dont forget briefing alumni of jamia who are still unawared of this blog.
      coz it has become more necessary after the demise of great personality ABDUL AZIZ JAMAI . he has put alot of efforts in developing this and continous struggles.
      you know he sacrifice even his life in saving a poor student in model school.

      Comment by mehfoozlodhi — May 26, 2010 @ 7:33 am | Reply

  3. Hi,
    I was In Jamia Millia from 1980 to 1984. It was the last batch of inter girls section in 1981. I did my graduation in 1984. People knew me as Seema Hashim.
    Sir Khwaja Ashkar, Sir Wasi Askari, Sir Hashmat Lodhi, Sir Azhar (zoology), Sir Shahid (Botany), Sir Nasim (zoology and sports), sir Arshad and Sir Muneer (physics), Madam Behjat (chemistry), sir Aziz Panhwar, Sir Shahab are the teachers who taught us. I am forgetting the name of english teacher who inspired me a lot. I lost my friend , Shahina Naz Mughal here in Jamia. At that time, Youm-eHusain, Jashan-e-Eid-Miladun_nabi and annual sports were organized regularly. I was three times champion of girls table tennis championship.

    Comment by seema zahid — June 24, 2010 @ 10:51 am | Reply

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